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Saturday: My Uneventful, Eventful Day

January 31, 2010

We started the day to the sound of sleet hitting the roof – not a pleasing sound when you are concerned with power outages. Having power made the view much more enjoyable. There was about six inches on the ground. Lindsay and Shakespeare headed out to enjoy the snow.

We decided to have a pajama day and just enjoy being house-bound. Since I had the fixings for pizza, we thought homemade pizza would be fun. I wanted to put the pictures of our pizza making process on my blog so I got my pampered chef bowls for the toppings. It is all about pretty pictures! 

(Foreshadowing warning: I am glad that I wanted to take pictures…better me than Jason or Lindsay.)

The kids fixed their own while I snapped pictures.

Jim fixed our pizza while I made cinnamon rolls. He used almost all of the black olives. After we put the pizza in the oven, I decided to finish off the nice little bowl of black olives.  I picked up the bowl and emptied the remainder of them in my mouth. As soon as I started to chew, I knew something else was in my mouth. I stopped chewing and pulled what turned out to be a 1 inch chard of glass out of my mouth. I knew not to swallow.

Spitting in the trash, I saw blood. It had cut my tongue and the roof of my mouth. We checked the cabinet where the small bowls were kept. Unfortunately there was more, some small pieces and another large piece. The bowls were stacked. I must have stacked one that had glass stuck to its bottom. Just in case I had ingested any glass, we called our insurance company nurse hotline who had us call Poison Control.  Fortunately, it seems in the majority of cases you can pass small pieces of glass without incident.

The kids’ pizza had come out earlier and they had started eating before I decided to top off the remaining olives. Immediately we had them stop. We threw our pizza out.

Per Poison Control, I am eating bread – not very satisfying as everyone else ate Nachos Bel Grande in lieu of pizza.

Giving Thanks to God  – I often use those bowls for snacks for my kids and also little ones that come to my house. I am glad that I was the one to find it.

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  1. Amanda Padgett permalink*
    January 31, 2010 7:45 pm

    I am sorry that happened, but we should count our blessing that you weren’t seriously hurt and neither were the kids.

    Made for a great post though!

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