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Little House Still Lots of Fun

February 7, 2010

The majority of the time I really enjoy living in a small home. It is easy to clean and picking up takes very little time. I also enjoy the challenge of keeping it clutter free (most of the time). We invited our church over to watch the Super Bowl. Our house is only 1215 square feet. Now we do have a small church body but I was a little concerned about where everyone would sit and if they would mind being cramped.

We had 32 quests come. Not everyone stayed all evening but most did. It was tight but we had a good time. I am so glad that my friends were willing to come and sit close in order to spend the evening with us and each other.

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  1. Amanda Padgett permalink*
    February 7, 2010 11:53 pm

    You do have great friends!! It’s nice to finally see the rug (after repeated requests), even though there are bodies all over it. That’s okay, I’ll see it Friday.

    Good job with the pictures. Room shots can be hard. Nice editing! 😉

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