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365 – 343 Doing What Is Hard

December 9, 2010

In my family I am notorious for starting things and quiting. Since I really am trying to change, I decided to finish out the 365 project (meekly). This picture is from the National Cathedral in Washington, DC which I took last month,but I really liked it so I decided to post it today as I get energized to finish out the year, all 22 days 🙂 of it.

Changing the “quit” aspect of my personality leads me to think about a conversation Amanda and I had recently. We were comparing simple statements others had made which impacted our lives. Several years ago, she heard a woman state we should do the hard things as that is what we will remember with pleasure.

I have pondered that statement every day since we talked. I think back about the things in life I have done that were hard like finishing college with a 2 year old, being a stay-at-home mom with little children or delivering Meals on Wheels with a six year old and a one year old. Those are things I am glad I did.

Now Amanda and I call each other regularly and ask, “Are you doing what’s hard?”

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