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A Wierd Day with Repercussions

March 2, 2011

Yesterday was a weird day. I have more of those than I should admit. I wandered around the house, not really accomplishing anything. Finally, I found myself looking at  my trash cans. They were full of ….paper and cardboard. I thought  my family recycled. Obviously not.

For several weeks, I have been thinking about why more Christians are not “environmentalists,” not  living in a hut, worship Mother Earth environmentalists, but God-honoring,  loving people more than things, good stewards of the earth environmentalists. Hmm….

I had a knee jerk reaction. Could my family make it through a month buying only recyclable items? Searching the kitchen for the recycable symbol encouraged me.

After a little while, it seemed possible.

So I declared a purchasing ban for the Henry house for the next 30 days. Now of course, I declared this before Jim got home yesterday. Not surprisingly, he does not buy into my desire to recycle. It is tolerated. Barely. I like to recycle and he loves paper plates and Styrofoam.

Last night, Lindsay quickly informed him we were not allowed to throw anything away in the trash. He sweetly said okay. NOT. I tried to explain to him what I wanted to try and why. Arguing is such a fun way to spend an evening. He hurt my feelings. I gave him the cold shoulder for the night. It was unity in marriage for sure.

He is now on board as long as it does not inconvenience him. We’ll see how it goes. I am hopeful for now.

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