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Thinking Through Titus 2

July 19, 2011

My Family

This has been a rough year for Jim and me. We have struggled differently than in years past. I am sad to say we have fallen into the typical trap of growing apart because of the focus on
kids and work.

In days gone by, we didn’t communicate as much as we wanted, but
it was because our days were consumed with our small children. Since our children have
grown up (my youngest is almost 14), we have found more and more time to spend
together, and less and less to say. Thankfully we both love the Lord and are
committed to working through this!

Today I had a conversation with a friend with similar struggles.
She has younger children than I do, but essentially our situation is the same.
We are the God-given helpmates to our husbands.

I had to remind myself what a helpmate means. Is it to make sure his meals are
fixed, his laundry done, or his house cleaned? Does it mean to remember his
doctor appointments and to care for his children? What about picking up his
dirty socks 7,665 times (that is 365 x 21)? Does it mean praying for him?
Submitting to him? Sacrificing my free time so he can serve others?


It helps me to remember my husband is my brother in Christ. The Christian sibling I know
best on the earth. Do I serve him unto the Lord?

Titus 2:5 says that older women should teach the younger to love
their husband and children, be workers at home, subject to their husbands so
that the word of God may not be dishonored. The impact of respecting my
husband, caring for my home and loving my family is so the word of God will not
be dishonored.


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