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It’s Messy!

June 23, 2011

Usually when I talk about things being messy, I am referring to my house, particularly my kitchen. Lately, my life is what seems to be a mess, and when it is messy, it is hard.

By getting out there more and being deliberate with non-believers
and building more than superficial relationships with other Christians, I find
myself in more and more difficult situations. Sometimes they are minor situations; sometimes they are significant.

Yesterday was one of those significant days (Pretty much a 4.9 on the Richter scale). It has been quite a struggle in knowing how to
handle the situation. I have prayed over it; I have sincerely sought God’s direction.

Still, despite my good intentions and prayer, feelings were still

Tears were shed.

I praise the Lord. Not because my friends were hurt, rather because
He is Lord and I trust Him. We are handling the situation as we believe Christians

I will have more messy situations. I am thankful for that. It is
an indicator to me that I am starting to emerge from the comfortable cocoon I have been in for many years.


A Wierd Day with Repercussions

March 2, 2011

Yesterday was a weird day. I have more of those than I should admit. I wandered around the house, not really accomplishing anything. Finally, I found myself looking at  my trash cans. They were full of ….paper and cardboard. I thought  my family recycled. Obviously not.

For several weeks, I have been thinking about why more Christians are not “environmentalists,” not  living in a hut, worship Mother Earth environmentalists, but God-honoring,  loving people more than things, good stewards of the earth environmentalists. Hmm….

I had a knee jerk reaction. Could my family make it through a month buying only recyclable items? Searching the kitchen for the recycable symbol encouraged me.

After a little while, it seemed possible.

So I declared a purchasing ban for the Henry house for the next 30 days. Now of course, I declared this before Jim got home yesterday. Not surprisingly, he does not buy into my desire to recycle. It is tolerated. Barely. I like to recycle and he loves paper plates and Styrofoam.

Last night, Lindsay quickly informed him we were not allowed to throw anything away in the trash. He sweetly said okay. NOT. I tried to explain to him what I wanted to try and why. Arguing is such a fun way to spend an evening. He hurt my feelings. I gave him the cold shoulder for the night. It was unity in marriage for sure.

He is now on board as long as it does not inconvenience him. We’ll see how it goes. I am hopeful for now.

Quick Cupcakes

February 23, 2011

After visiting DC cupcakes last October, I have been mildly fascinated with cupcakes. One of my new favorite recipes is a carrot cake from  Generally, I alter the recipe by cutting the sugar in half and substituting applesauce instead of oil. Since it is healthy(er),  we renamed it “Harvest Bread.”

Very tasty without any of the guilt…

When my sweet tooth starts aching, I make “Carrot Cake” cupcakes  with all of the sugar added. 

Naked Cupcakes

With Homemade Creamcheese Frosting

365-347/348/349 A Couple of Random Shots from the Week

December 20, 2010

I had a good time photographing Shakespeare this week. Willing to work for liver treats, he is a good sport even while wearing a ribbon. 

I am trying for the first time to have all of my presents wrapped before heading south for Christmas. Amanda and I usually are up LATE  Christmas Eve wrapping a lot of presents. We both decided we did not want to do that this year. I am enjoying wrapping more since I have beautiful clearance ribbon from sales after Christmas last year to add to the packages. Hopefully since it is wired ribbon it should travel well.

365-346 Girls’ Weekend

December 13, 2010

Lindsay, Savannah and I headed to Chimney Rock in Western North Carolina for a girls’ shopping weekend. After shopping the girls had to climb on the rocks.

Further out…

 Amanda took more pictures of the girls for me so I will get those pictures today and add them as another post.

365 – 344 Photography Workshop

December 11, 2010

This past June I attended a fantastic photography workshop with Rachel, an I Heart Faces  contributor. The information was well presented and after lunch we had an opportunity to go on a photoshot with a model Rachel had procured for us. This image was  autoedited by Elements.

365 – 343 Doing What Is Hard

December 9, 2010

In my family I am notorious for starting things and quiting. Since I really am trying to change, I decided to finish out the 365 project (meekly). This picture is from the National Cathedral in Washington, DC which I took last month,but I really liked it so I decided to post it today as I get energized to finish out the year, all 22 days 🙂 of it.

Changing the “quit” aspect of my personality leads me to think about a conversation Amanda and I had recently. We were comparing simple statements others had made which impacted our lives. Several years ago, she heard a woman state we should do the hard things as that is what we will remember with pleasure.

I have pondered that statement every day since we talked. I think back about the things in life I have done that were hard like finishing college with a 2 year old, being a stay-at-home mom with little children or delivering Meals on Wheels with a six year old and a one year old. Those are things I am glad I did.

Now Amanda and I call each other regularly and ask, “Are you doing what’s hard?”